Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clinic

Issaquah, WA


"We have been clients for 10 yrs and have been impressed, time after time, with the warmth and care extended to us and to our family of dogs and cats. When one of our pets has been seriously ill, the medical care is high quality…we haven't been disappointed. During the most difficult of times, when one of our pets was ready to leave this Earth, the loving concern for our comfort as well as that of our pet was extraordinary. The kindness, warmth and compassion by the staff are, without exception, impressive.

"We are very satisfied clients for these reasons and, most importantly, because Dr. Jayne is clearly there, first and foremost, for the animals, not for how much money she can make."

– Ted B. & family

"We've been clients at Tiger Mountain Vet for 17yrs and have never been disappointed with the care and courtesy extended towards our pets and us for all those years. The quality of care is wonderful including the follow up telephone calls to make sure all is well. We live in close proximity to the clinic and to us, Dr. Jayne is family."

– Wes & Cynthia C.

"I've been a client since 1993. Regardless of how busy the clinic is, time is always made to discuss my pets' needs and to clarify any treatment plan. The atmosphere is consistently friendly and caring and it is clear that the well being of their patients is the most important thing.

"The clinic is clean and up to date…and reassuring. But perhaps most importantly, we love having Dr. Jayne as our vet!"

– Sandy B.

"I've only been a client for a few months, and only because my regular vet couldn't help my dog. My neighbor told me that Tiger Mountain Vet is very caring. Being desperate by now, I decided to go there.

"For unknown reasons, My dog, Pepper, suddenly stopped walking after a visit to the groomer and at first he was very stiff. He quickly deteriorated and wasn't even able to stand. My Other vet told me that he might have injured his back, but they wanted to do tests I couldn't afford and Pepper wasn't getting better. I thought I was going to have to euthanize him, but Tiger Mountain took him in and with medication and great nursing care, over several weeks, they managed to get him walking again. They never gave up, even when finances became a major problem. They still did what could be done. They have an incredible heart!!

"After several weeks of continuous supportive care in the clinic, Pepper is now home and walking normally! Bless you…Dr. Jayne and the rest of the staff!"

– Arthur B.

"I've been a client at Tiger Mountain Vet for 13 years. Dr. Jensen is really a wonderful person; she and the staff have provided our dogs with excellent care…I doubt there would be any other (clinics in the area) that would be superior to TMVC."

– Jeff G.

"There have been so many positive day-to-day interactions with the clinic that's it hard to pick one to talk about. The overall impression of this clinic is that it is a loving, caring environment committed to animal welfare."

– Liz E.