Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clinic

Issaquah, WA

Our Services

Basic Services

Of course we offer the traditional (basic) services offered by many general practice companion animal medical facilities. We also have specialized equipment to offer unique services not generally available.

Special Services

Therapeutic Laser

Besides traditional management of tissue healing and pain, including those arising from inflammatory musculoskeletal, ligamentous or joint diseases (e.g. osteoarthritis) as well as others, we frequently utilize adjunct treatments with low-level laser therapy with great success in many of our patients. The use of low levels of visible or near infrared light for reducing pain, inflammation and edema, promoting healing of wounds, and injuries to deeper tissues and nerves, while preventing cell death and long-term tissue damage has been known for over forty years since the invention of lasers.

Surgical Laser

Surgical Laser

The use of high frequency light for working with tissue during surgery has been growing in the veterinary field over the last decade.

The laser is a substitute instrument for the traditional scalpel, and as such it is touted to be gentler to tissues than the latter. The result for the patient is less pain and swelling, and faster healing of surgical sites. Dr. Jensen, unlike other clinics in the area, uses this instrument in her daily surgical procedures...and has been using this technology for many years.

Digital Radiography

Direct Digital Radiographic System

Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clinic boasts the most advanced digital radiographic system available at any facility, including many human medical institutions.

In comparison to traditional film x-rays systems, the superior image detail of direct digital radiographic technology provides significantly more diagnostic information at comparable exposures.

Direct digital radiography, not yet widely implemented by many companion animal veterinary facilities, nevertheless, portends the future of veterinary medicine in the 21st century. Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clinic is way ahead of the rest...it has been using this technology for eight years!